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RVing in the Great Smoky Mountains just doesn’t get any better than this. The spectacular natural and man-made offerings that span Western North Carolina into Eastern Tennessee can be charted on any handy map—or the latest GPS device. The 3 available sites are situated on 1 acre of land and have beautiful views and offer significantly more privacy and space than traditional RV parks in the area. Rates are competitive for the area and are per month and include Wi-Fi (1000 mbps), water, sewer, 50/30/20 amp, and  electric.


Sites are located in the Waynesville/Maggie Valley, along the North Carolina Great Smoky Mountains corridor 1 mile south off I-40 exit 20.

  • Click here for RV rates.

  • All sites can accommodate 42 foot rigs.

  • All site have:

    • compressed road bond pads with good drainage;

    • 50/30/20 electrical hookups;

    • sewer hook-up;

    • access to 1000 mbps Wi-Fi

    •  10 ft. by 10 ft. patio  with the following items:

      • 4 chairs ;

      • 2 end tables;

      • Fire pit;

      • Picnic Table;

      • Gas Grill (THJC will have the initial propane canister filled. Renters are responsible for refilling propane canister); and

      • 2 large heavy duty black plastic garbage cans with bags.

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COMING SOON: 2 Tiny Home Sites for Rent
You Buy the Tiny Home & THJC, LLC  Rents You a Site


THJC, LLC announce two tiny home lots for 5 year land lease rental agreement beginning July 1st and August 1st. Click here to view the  Tiny Home monthly rent.


Beginning July 1, 2024 , a non-creekside site will be available. The maximum length of the tiny home must not exceed 40 feet.


Beginning August 1, 2024 a premium creekside site will be available. The maximum length of the tiny home must not exceed 45 feet.


Each site includes 1) water, 2) sewer, 3) 1000 mbps internet, and 10 by 10 patio equipped with 4 chairs, 2 end tables, fire pit and propane gas grill.


Renters pay for monthly electric and cable if installed. 

THJC, LLC offers the  opportunity  of  home homeownership without the cost associated with traditional large floorplan homes while enjoying the natural beauty, great outdoor recreational and leisure activities of Haywood and Buncombe counties. You purchase the approved Tiny Home and THJC, LLC rents you a site.


The 5 year land lease rental agreement means you don’t have the burden of land ownership, maintenance, or the expense of real estate taxes. The land lease provides all the benefits of a carefully and professionally managed HOA without the risk of costly assessments. As such, the land lease covers the maintenance of all land, common property, landscaping, infrastructure, gates, and roads.



Tiny home definition is a home with square footage is between 100 and 399 square feet. Why would someone choose to live in a small space? It turns out there are many merits to purchasing a tiny home as a second home. People may purchase for any number of reasons:

  1. financial reasons specifically affordability;

  2. simplification;

  3. environmental concerns; and

  4. increased leisure time.


1. Financial Reason

A tiny home provides an alternative for an affordable second home and the associated costs. Having a tiny home as a second residence is becoming popular because the average cost of a tiny home is much lower than that of an average traditional house. 


The cost of buying an average-sized house over 30 years can be much higher than you think. The initial cost of a $290,000 home includes the purchase price, of course, but also includes the interest, taxes, insurance, maintenance, repairs, and improvements. All of this can add up to a total cost of over a million dollars during the lifetime of your home.  This is the “true cost” of a home.











During our journey the local building and zoning requirements will affect the tiny homes' cost. Research indicates tiny house market trends show cost between $40,000 and $156,000.  Additionally, depending on where you park your tiny home, you may need to pay for land or land rental and insurance, but in the long run, the savings on a tiny house is huge when compared to traditional home ownership.


2. Simplification

Having a tiny home as a second residence allows you to adopt a lifestyle that’s scaled down both physically and financially.  It is about finding a tiny home to fit your lifestyle and decluttering your obligations, your social life, and your stress.


3. Environmental Concerns

Having a tiny home as a second residence offers a path to a smaller environmental carbon footprint.


4. Increased Leisure Time

Having a tiny home as a second residence allows for you to have more time and freedom to enjoy the natural beauty, great outdoors recreational and leisure activities.



Step 1: Making an Appointment and Meeting THJC Representative

Schedule an appointment with THJC, LLC by calling (828) 237-2700 or e-mailing Prior to the appointment, THJC, LLC, will e-mail a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) and sample 5 year lease agreement. The MOU is a formal agreement and understanding between two or more parties. MOUs are not legally binding or a financial obligation. The prospective tenant will meet with THJC, LLC representative to review documents and answer your questions.  If the prospective tenant is interested, they will need to sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) agreement.


Step 2: Selecting a Site and a Tiny Home Model

The perspective tiny home home-owner has several options to secure a tiny home off their choice.  The cost of the tiny home ranges from $8),000 to $156,000. Cost is dependent on the selected model, selected options and the select tiny home vendor/broker of their choosing.  THJC, LLC representative will discuss your options depending on the selected rental lot. 


Step 3: The Tiny Home Unit Must Meet Haywood County’s Regulatory Requirements

Before signing a builders agreement or contract, the selected model must meet Haywood County’s tiny home model regulatory requirements which are:​ 

  • Unit is Titled as a Park Model (PM) or Camping Trailer (CT);

  • Unit has a RVIA or ANSI 119.5 seal;

  • Unit must be less than 400 square feet of livable space;

  • Unit electric service cannot exceed 50 Amps; and

  • Unit must have quick disconnect for utilities.


Step 4: Completing Documents after County Approval

After receiving County approval on the unit, the prospective tenant will meet with the THJC representative and will complete and sign the rental application. A non-refundable deposit to reserve a designated site will accompany the signed rental application. Additionally, a $50 non-refundable check is required for background check.   If the application is approved, the deposit will be applied to 1st month’s rent.


Once the rental application is reviewed and verified, THJC, LLC will provide written notification to prospective tenant regarding tenant within 30 days. If the application is denied, the deposit will be returned with the written notification letter; however, $50 for the background check will not be returned. Lastly, if the reservation is cancelled by the perspective tenants, the deposit and $50 dollar background check will not be returned.


Step 5: Pre-Approval of Tiny Home Exterior Design/Skirting Prior to Purchase

Before purchasing the tiny home, the prospective tenant will need to complete Pre-Approval of Tiny Exterior Design/Skirting prior  and enclose the appropriate documents. The packet will be sent to THJC, LLC for review and approval. The prospective tenant should not engage in contractual agreement to purchase with the vendor until written notification is received from THJC, LLC. 


Step 6: Signing of Lease and other Documents

Once the prospective tenant receives written approval for the exterior design and skirting, you will meet with representatives of THJC, LLC to sign lease agreement remaining documents.

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